Swingers in Tenerife Privacy Policy

Swingers in Tenerife Privacy Policy

Swingers in Tenerife takes your privacy very seriously.

Apart from the details you enter into your profile we only collect a few details, this is how we handle your data.

Your email address:

  • Your email address is used to send you site offers, and to let you know when another user has contacted you. You can turn these alerts off in the site options.
  • Neither Swingers in Tenerife or our partners at the Adult Hub do not give, loan or sell your email address to any other person or organisation, nor have we ever in the past given, loaned, shared or sold email addresses with other companies.
  • Your email address is not shown on your profile, and it cannot been seen by any other users, or harvested by criminal organizations.

Your Credit or Debit card details:

  • If you upgrade to premium membership, you have to give your credit or debit card details.
  • Neither the staff at Swingers in Tenerife or at The Adult Hub can see these details, as all financial transactions are handled either by our merchant banks own servers or the servers of the credit card handlers such as NetBanx or CCbill.
  • No financial institution pass any information to us other than your profile name and the period for which you have paid, we do not even know your real name.

The information in your Profile:

  • Your profile information is not shared with any other organization, it is only viewable by visitors to the Swingers in Tenerife / adulthub family of sites.
  • You have the option to make your profile visible on Google and Bing, you can turn this option on and off in your membership options.