Swingers Party Manners

Swingers Party Manners

Relax and Get to know the other guests

When you are at an on-premise swingers club or swinging house party, you are there to have fun and to join in the uninhibited action enjoyed by followers ofthe swinging lifestyle. When you have become familiar with the environment and staff or hosts, try to relax as you would in any other social group. The only difference between a dinner or cocktail party and a swingers party is that wheras at a "normal" party sometimes people will sneak away and have illicit sex with another guest, at a swingers club and party everyone is there hoping to get some sexual action. So, introduce yourselves to other people. You'll find most of them eager to welcome you to the swinging lifestyle and to help you join in.

A few words about swinging etiquette

Whilst you should try to be open and outgoing, don't go to far and become "pushy". Many people who are new to the swinging lifestyle often have unrealistic expectations and are not prepared to handle the occasional rejection. You will have a better chance of joining the fun if you are freshly showered, neatly dressed and sweet smelling. Avoid letting your personal idiosyncrasies stop you having fun. No one is perfect. Don't take let downs and rejections offend you. In the swinging scene everyone needs to be attracted to their partners, so just as in any environment you will not appeal to everyone. Just don't take the rejections personally, move on to the next person or couple and eventually you will click with someone.

Always remember to accept "no thank you" graciously. The way you handle the knock backs will be a factor in your future acceptance in the lifestyle and define to others if you are going to be a suitable friend or playmate.

There are many variation of the swinging lifestyle and it is important that you and your mate decide in advance of getting involved exactly how far you are willing to let each other go. You should then stick to theose limits until after a meeting. Never try to modify your agreements at a meet, as this can lead to discord.

Initiate of particpate in conversations

There will always be people at clubs and parties who will attempt to wlecome you and help to break the ice by introducing themselves along with other guests they know. It's a great way to start off and even if the people you are introduced to do not match what you are looking for now, they may have freinds who are. Join any conversation you are invited to join and you'll find that most guests are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the swinging lifestyle. lifestyle. Be open and honest. Tell them that you are new to "swinging" and you'll discover how helpful people can be.

Get accepted from the start

At your first meeting in the swinging scene, you may feel uncomfortable as well as excited about seeing your partner with someone else. Many swingers prefer to share their swinging experiences with their partner and prefer not having them leave to play in another room with someone, while others are perfectly happy for their partner to play alone with someone and then tell each other stories about their night when they return home.