Ladies New To The Swinging Scene

Ladies New To The Swinging Scene

Important: The number 1 rule in the swinging lifestyle is that no always means NO!

Anyone can say no at anytime while swinging. If the other person or people do not stop immediately then they are committing rape and will never be allowed to any swinging events again.

Welcome ladies, as unicorns you are the most sought after people in the swinging lifestyle!

You will find that many of the couples and almost all the single men who advertise and reply to adverts on swingers sites would like to meet you. As a single lady you can afford to be as choosy as you want, and only pick the person or people you want to play with.

It is probable that once you create your profile on Swingers in Tenerife you will recieve dozens or even hundreds of messages a day, so be selective.

When you compose your profile define exactly what you are looking for, right down to eye and hair colour, height, etc., some of the guys do read the ads before responding, but you will recieve a logt of junk as many just send a cut and paste message to every female and couple on the site who say they want to meet a single man in the hope that one of the ladies will want to meet with them.

If you have the time to respond to all messages say so in your profile or say that people who do not match your stated requirements will not be respondedto.

When creating yor profile be honest. Try and be accurate when you describe yourself. Don't worry if you think you are to big or too small, if you are a size 16, say so, don't pretend that you are a size 10-12 or vice versa. Men are not so stupid that on meeting you they will not realize you have missled them, you will also find that there is a big demand for ladies of every age, shape, size and colour, so be your self and be proud of who you are.

If you have said in your profile that you will answer all messages, please answer them, even if you use one of the auto "Thanks, but no thanks" replies.

When you find someone you want to meet up with, please take care and make arrangements to meet in a safe environment where there will be other people. Never have your first meet at someones house. Make arrangements to meet in a pub or a hotel lounge, you can then make sure you are happy with them in a social setting before making arrangements to meet with them in private.

If you are arrangig to meet a couple, make sure you talk to both people on their telephone and make a note of their telephone number. We advise you to talk to both people, as lots of men pretend to be couples. Do not accept excuses that a partner is late home from work or is busy putting the children to bed, or nursing a dying mother or having a gang bang with the local rugby team, if they cannot talk to you before the date of the meeting, it is probable that they do not exist, or that they are not aware of the arrangements. As is common with all dating sites, we have time wasters and fakes. There are men who pretend to be couples who will make dates with ladies for a 3some, then turn up alone. They willuse an excuse along the lines of "My wife had to work late" or "My wife is not felling well, so she said I can come alone" If this happens, walk away. They are almost guaranteed to be lying and if they are lying about this, what else are they lying about?

When you leave home to go on a first date with a stranger make sure a friend you can trust knows where where you are going, maybe leave a sealed envelope for them to open if you do not ring in by a certain time, in it put the email addresses and telephone number of the personyou are meeting, and the location of the meeting, it is far better to be safe and a little embarrassed than missing.

Whoever you meet up with remember that although its scary for you, the other person/people will be as nervous as you.

Don't get drunk or drugged up. No one is going to want to have sex with you if you are not in control of your faculties. One or two drinks to steady the nerves is fine, but bouncing off the walls and throwing up is not going to impress anyone.